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Where are refreshing wipes used?

Libertaluxe wet wipes are primarily used to cleanse and refresh the skin. They can be used on the hands, neck or face. They are particularly suitable for hotels, restaurants, catering services or events.

Due to their low weight and compact size of just 4 cm in diameter, the towels also fit comfortably in bags, making them a great souvenir.

What makes Libertaluxe refreshing wipes special?

In contrast to conventional wet wipes, which dry out completely after a short time, ours stay moist for at least 30 minutes after opening. Apart from that, they not only impress with their functionality, but also with their intense scent. In total we offer you 4 different scents:

  • Green tea: soothing green tea scent
  • Lemon: refreshing citrus scent
  • Smell: sweet chocolate scent
  • Cool: intense, woody-spicy scent


Container:Consists of 100% recyclable PET from sustainable production and is therefore kind to the environment.
Compressed towel:Composed of viscose fibers, it is of plant origin and therefore biodegradable, clean, safe and gentle on the skin.
Liquid:The pure formula without alcohol, parabens or SLS has an effective moisturizing, cleansing and refreshing effect.

You have a question?

We're here to help! Our team is always available to give you personal advice.

You can reach us either by phone at 02776 / 922 22-0 or by email at sales@libertaluxe.de . You can also use our contact form.

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