Optimal acoustics

Easily reduce loud noises, sound reflections, reverberation and echo and create a pleasant indoor climate

Clever design

Acoustic slats are plugged in, not glued, which means that the individual components can be sorted and reused after the usage cycle.


Our slats not only improve the room acoustics, but can also be used for zoning in the room or as glare protection in front of the window.

Complete service

We advise and support you with the individual configuration, the assembly of the rails and the installation of the slats.

Improve the sound quality of your rooms with acoustic slats!

It is often difficult to maintain good sound quality in wide, open spatial structures. Due to the size and construction, such rooms cannot absorb the sound waves enough, creating a poor and reverberating sound experience. This often leads to a noticeable reduction in speech intelligibility and an increase in annoying background noise - and this makes it difficult to concentrate and relax.

Innovative solutions such as acoustic slats can help: They reduce reverberation time, increase speech intelligibility and help reduce unwanted noise.

Create a pleasant ambience and optimal room acoustics for your guests and employees with acoustic slats from Libertaluxe!

Acoustic slats: little effort, big effect

Acoustic slats are a fantastic solution for soundproofing large, open interior spaces that also look elegant. They have a significant influence on the quality of the acoustic room sound and therefore also a positive effect on the entire room climate.

With the help of the dense, sound-absorbing fleece material, the slats ensure an optimal acoustic effect:

  • They muffle loud noises,
  • absorb sound reflections,
  • reduce the reverberation time,
  • prevent the formation of echoes,
  • increase speech intelligibility and
  • reduce the overall volume in the room.

Areas of application
of acoustic slats

To control the room acoustics

Our acoustic slats are primarily intended to create a pleasant acoustic ambience: they dampen unwanted noise by reducing sound reflection, absorbing loud noises and controlling the reverberation in the room.

As a room divider

In addition to their sound-absorbing properties, our acoustic slats also shine as practical room dividers: When installed in the middle of the room, the slats can be opened or closed quickly and smoothly, which enables flexible room separation and zoning.

As privacy and sun protection

Like conventional slats, acoustic slats can also be installed in front of windows, making them ideal for glare, privacy and sun protection.

Individual configuration

We adapt your slats to every room situation! Several systems can also be hung together without any problem. Both monochrome and color segmented solutions are possible.

Choose between 10 standard colors, ranging from neutral shades such as gray and beige to various brightly colored shades. We can offer you the rail guide in a white, black or aluminum colored version.

Tested effectiveness

Acoustic slats have a significant influence on the quality of the acoustic surround sound:

The material used to manufacture the Acoustic Stripes was acoustically tested according to DIN ISO 354/ISO 11654 and is flame retardant, fire protection class EN 13501-1/ASTME E-84 Class A.

Depending on the application and setting, the acoustic stripes belong to absorber class A and develop their effect in the room and on the window, as the values ​​of the sound absorption measurement in the reverberation room confirm.

Acoustic stripes measured in front of the reverberation room wall

The measured values ​​correspond to an application on the window.

Acoustic stripes measured freely in the reverberation room

The measured values ​​correspond to an application as a freely hanging surface without a ceiling or wall connection. The sound can spread freely over the sides and ceiling, which leads to a reduction in absorption performance.

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