Optimal acoustics

Easily reduce loud noises, sound reflections, reverberation and echo and create a pleasant indoor climate

Clever design

Easy and precise installation on walls or furniture with a delicate rail system or an innovative Velcro solution.

Individually customizable

Choose from different sizes, panel thicknesses and fabric collections with coordinated shades.

Complete service

We advise and support you from the individual configuration through to the assembly of the panels.

Optimize your interiors acoustically and aesthetically with acoustic panels!

It is often difficult to maintain good sound quality in wide, open spatial structures. Due to the size and construction, such rooms cannot absorb the sound waves enough, creating a poor and reverberating sound experience. This often leads to a noticeable reduction in speech intelligibility and an increase in annoying background noise - and this makes it difficult to concentrate and relax.

Acoustic panels provide an optimal acoustic experience by reducing sound reflection and increasing sound absorption. They provide effective sound attenuation, improving the quality of sounds and providing an overall improved acoustic experience. This creates a pleasant and attractive environment, which also means a significant increase in comfort and productivity.

The visual spatial effect is just as important as the acoustic effect: our panels can be individually designed, which means they add decorative accents to any room and create an inviting atmosphere.

How do acoustic panels work?

Acoustic panels are an effective solution to reduce sound levels indoors, thereby creating a pleasant, calming atmosphere.

Our panels are made up of several components: A highly effective acoustic core, together with the rear wall and pre-equipped mounting solution as well as a textile cover that surrounds the front and sides, forms a panel system.

Thanks to their material construction, the panels significantly improve the room acoustics:

  • They interrupt the sound reflection in the room,
  • have a noise-absorbing effect,
  • minimize reverberation & echo,
  • dampen the noise level and
  • thereby increasing speech intelligibility.

There are several panel thicknesses available with different absorption levels from highly absorbent (Class C) to highly absorbent (Class A) .

Where are acoustic panels used?

Acoustic panels can be used wherever good sound insulation is required. The panels can be installed in many commercial areas, but also in private living spaces: They are primarily used to solve acoustic problems in noise-intensive rooms such as hotels, restaurants, office or conference rooms and other large commercial buildings.

In addition to walls, acoustic problems can also be easily attached to glass and furniture back walls. Installation is carried out using either rails or a Velcro system with snap fasteners.

Rail assembly

For precise installation at a fine distance from the wall.

Velcro mounting

For smooth surfaces such as glass or panel materials (e.g. furniture back panels)

Acoustic panels at Libertaluxe

We provide the complete service from planning to installation and create tailor-made solutions for you: We provide you with high-quality, individually configurable acoustic panels in your desired size and color, measured by professionals and perfectly adapted to the spatial conditions.

In order to create an optimal result, we provide you with a large selection of fabrics. Choose from various collections with harmoniously coordinated colors.

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