OUR vision

...to be the number 1 brand in cosmetics and hotel furnishings, to create unforgettable experiences and to change the hotel industry through stylish sustainability

Das Team von Libertaluxe auf einer Messe

We create memorable stays!

Our story

We, the founders of Libertaluxe, bring a wealth of experience from a family business that has been in the cleaning industry for over 40 years. In this company we have learned that customers and the quality of our services always come first.

In 2020, we decided to try our luck in the hotel industry and founded Libertaluxe with the vision of providing services to hotels. But shortly after we were founded, we were confronted with massive challenges. The world was rocked by the pandemic and the hotel industry fell into a deep crisis.

To weather these stormy times, we decided to expand our business into disposable and pandemic products, which proved to be a successful adaptation. This decision opened up new perspectives for us and we came across the world of hotel cosmetics.

With the firm decision to create unforgettable guest experiences, we constantly expanded our range. Today we are proud to offer a complete range for hotel rooms and bar areas.

We consider ourselves to be reliable partners for hotels and with the motto “Is it possible” we make every wish possible!

our mission

Our mission is to help hotels create unforgettable guest experiences with our solutions.

Our core values

We are...


We are passionate about sustainable solutions that respect both our environment and our customers.


We are always striving to find new ways and offer innovative products and services to exceed our customers' expectations!


Our customers are the focus of our efforts. We listen carefully and adapt to their needs.


We always act with integrity and ethics to earn and maintain the trust of our customers and our team.

A team

We work together as a dedicated team that supports each other to achieve success together and create unforgettable guest experiences.

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Free Shipping

From an order value of 500€ we ship your order free of charge, throughout Germany!

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You can return your goods within 15 days.

Highest product quality

Our products are manufactured under strict conditions and tests

Our team is available at any time

You can contact our team via chat or email at any time!